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The CIPCF organization is governed by an executive team of officers and a board of trustees. The officers manage the day-to-day business of the CIPCF while the trustees work on long-term, strategic initiatives for the program as well as oversee the executive team.

Meet the CIPCF Executive Team (2017-18):


Meet the CIPCF Board of Trustees:

CIPCF Executive Team members are elected in May each year to one-year terms by members of CIPCF, while trustees are elected in December to 5-year terms by members of the CIPCF. Trustee elections are only held in years when vacancies arise. The next scheduled election is in December 2017 (2 seats).

Brian Lee     

Vice President
Mai Doan    

Tony Wan    

Cynthia Hsu

Fundraiser Chair
Open Position


Outreach Chair
Uyen Le    

Social Chair    
Open Position

President – Wei-Lin Tong  (co-founder of CIPCF)

Treasurer – Flo Moscon

Secretary – Andrew Ortega

Trustee – Joel Tchao

Trustee – Jeff Bowen  (co-founder of CIPCF)

CIPCF Officers and Trustees