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Board of Education Approves Proposal to Expand the Language Immersion Programs into Junior High School

Fremont, CA - October 28, 2015
The Board of Education for the Fremont Unified School District was presented a proposal to expand the language immersion programs (Mandarin and Spanish) into junior high school. The board passed the expansion to Middle school proposal with a vote of 5-0.  More than 60 parents and children from the language immersion programs came to show support for the language immersion program expansion into junior high.  Speakers included CIPCF Parents Maryanne Koller and son Zachary, and Wei-Lin Tong and her father Dr. Ling-Chi Wang.

The presentation of the expansion proposal was the culmination of a series of meetings that started in February 2014 between parents of the two language immersion programs and FUSD administrators.  The CIPCF formed a Middle School expansion committee last spring led by Reshma Karipineni. The committee, which included Jeff Bowen, June Yee, Keith Koo, Wei-Lin Tong, Maryanne Koller, Eddy Gorusch, Maria Ching, Rachel Chong and others spent countless hours talking with the Board members, planning the coordination/strategy meetings and working with the District to make this proposal's success possible. The district now has approval to finalize their plans for expanding the Spanish and Mandarin Immersion programs into junior high school.

Key points of the proposal:

The details of the Board Meeting will be shared at the CIPCF council meeting on Tuesday November 3rd. The video recording of the school board meeting can be found in the Video Gallery on the CIPCF website.

Speaker notes from Wei-Lin Tong, Professor Wang, and Maryanne Koller are available as well.

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