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The Chinese Immersion Parents’ Council of Fremont (CIPCF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit parent group supporting the Mandarin Immersion Program in the public schools of the Fremont Unified School District (FUSD).


The Mandarin Immersion Program is a constantly growing program and has financial needs beyond what the Fremont Unified School District can provide as the FUSD struggles with rising enrollments and aging-overcrowded facilities and the financial burdens those bring. The program currently has 12 classrooms (~300 students) and is growing by two new classes each year. In the past, the CIPCF has funded program textbooks, individual classroom Chinese language libraries, teaching tools, classroom computers, and AV teaching equipment.

In 2014, a multi-year project was initiated to build a collection of story books in Mandarin (some with English translations) for the Azevada school library. This project also targets books in English that cover social studies and history subjects having some relationship to Chinese culture and heritage in America and other parts of the world.

Today, there are many instructional aides available on computers in subjects such as math, science, and world languages like English and Mandarin. With Common Core being introduced in the district, students need more time on computers to learn keyboarding skills. This year, the CIPCF is launching another multi-year project to put more computers in the classrooms so these instructional aides can be used to enhance the learning experience.

Beyond the classroom needs, the CIPCF maintains a marketing effort to increase the awareness of the program and its benefits within the community served by the school district. The CIPCF participates in several Outreach events each year and produces marketing materials and this website to help interested parents learn more about this program and the educational opportunities it may provide to their children.

The CIPCF has been able to provide for these needs of the program in the past through the generous donations from parents, family members, and corporations as well as through various fundraising events sponsored by the CIPCF. The CIPCF is made up of energetic, creative, and motivated parents that donate valuable hours of volunteer time to the program’s initiatives. But as the program grows, so does the needs of the program.

This year, more than ever we need your help. Please consider making a tax-deductible* contribution to:

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