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1. If I fill out the intra-district transfer form to apply for the Mandarin Immersion Program (MIP) and my child gets on the wait list, will my child lose his/her spot at our home school?

A: No. Your child only loses his/her spot at your home school if your child gets off the wait list into the Mandarin Immersion Program (MIP) and you accept to put your child into the MIP.

2. If I want to enroll my child into the MIP at first grade or beyond, is there a lottery?

A: There is only a lottery at the kindergarten level. For first grade, you apply and are put on a wait list. For second grade and above, your child will have to pass a test in order to get into the MIP. The test will be on Mandarin Chinese speaking, listening, reading and writing skills,as well as an English portion.

3. Will a third kindergarten class be created if there are enough kids on the wait list to make a whole class?

A: Not right now. The biggest issue regarding the opening of a third kindergarten class is space in the school, as well as capacity going forward because another kindergarten class will produce the need for an additional class at each of the other grade levels too. The District will have to decide and make the final decision on creating a third kindergarten class for the MIP.

4. When children are in the MIP, will their English skills fall behind in comparison to the English-only students?

A: If a child enters the MIP in kindergarten with poor English skills,he/she will be struggling in English at the beginning, but as he/she goes up in grade level, his/her English skills will improve as more time is spent in learning English.

5. What priority does my child have in enrolling in the MIP?

A: For enrollment priority, it goes in the following order:

1-local residents of the Azevada community,

2-siblings of existing students in the MIP,

3-transfers from other schools in FUSD and

4-transfers from outside FUSD.

6. What curriculum is used in the MIP?

A: For teaching Mandarin Chinese, currently grades kindergarten to 5th grade use the Better Immersion curriculum. The 6th grade use the Mei Zhou curriculum. For English, the same curriculum – Treasures – that is used throughout Fremont elementary schools is also used in the MIP. For math, Math Expressions is used in the MIP, which is the same curriculum used in the English-only classes.

7. What if my child is in second grade or higher, how do I apply to get my child into the MIP?

A: You contact the Federal & State Programs Department at the District Office to get your child onto the list to test into the MIP. The District will have particular dates for testing. The phone number is (510) 659-2531.

8. Is there a list of after school programs that can help my child with Mandarin if my child enters the MIP?

A: Yes. Please see After School Resources link for a list of different after school program providers. It is highly recommended that you make site visits and talk to the directors to see if that is a good fit for your child.

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