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About Us

The Mandarin Immersion Program in Fremont Unified School District would not exist today if it wasn’t for the vision and hard work of  a small group of people. Read one person’s recount of how it all began.

The Chinese Immersion Parents’ Council of Fremont (CIPCF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit parent group supporting the Mandarin Immersion Program (MIP) in the public schools of the Fremont Unified School District (FUSD). The CIPCF is a parent volunteer group, independent of the FUSD, whose sole purpose is to inform, advance, and support the Chinese immersion educational programs of the FUSD. As such, the group is not part of the FUSD. The group, however, makes every effort to provide accurate and up-to-date information regarding the Mandarin Immersion Program on this web site. Parents should contact the FUSD or Azevada directly for answers to questions critical to their children’s education.

Our Mission

The primary purpose of the CIPCF is to support the MIP and provide advice regarding it to the Fremont Unified School District. Toward this end, CIPCF has the following major missions:

1. Vision: To provide parental input and advice for the Mandarin Immersion Program to the FUSD;

2. Outreach: This program is young and in the building stage. It needs a sustainable flow of new students coming into the program at the kindergarten and first grade levels. The CIPCF coordinates staffing of various Outreach events in the local community to build an awareness of the program and the benefits of a dual language education;

3. Cultural Enrichment: To supplement the academics of the program with special cultural events or activities for the children and families in the MIP and Azevada Elementary School, the CIPCF plans and provides funding for such;

4. Community: To build a strong relationship and sense of community between the CIPCF, the Azevada PTA, and the Azevada school administration. This includes participation and support of Azevada activities, events, and fundraising programs sponsored by the Azevada PTA;

5. Fundraising: To raise funds for classroom equipment, books, audio-visual materials, classroom materials, and activities and programs of the MIP that are not provided by the FUSD;

6. Involvement: To recruit and provide volunteers to support classroom activities and outside extracurricular activities of the MIP;

7. After-School: To collect, research, and provide information about after-school care and activities and summer programs of interest to MIP parents;

8. Expansion: To work with District staff and Board members to expand the MIP into middle school and high school as demand demonstrates;

Our Beginnings…

CIPCF Officers and Trustees